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Prof. David Widdowson

Another successful PICARD (Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development) Conference was held by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in Baku, Azerbaijan, in the second week of September 2015. This opportunity for academics and practitioners to share and debate research findings once again served to highlight the palpable synergies of the WCO and INCU and to identify areas in which collaboration is not only possible but highly desirable. The wide- ranging nature of discussion accentuated the diverse responsibilities of Customs and other border management agencies, and the disparate areas of research that may contribute to their decision-making activities.

September 2015
(Current issue)

This edition of the World Customs Journal reflects this diversity, with articles addressing legislative frameworks; trends in judicial decision-making; the impact of illicit trade on economic growth; excise reform; and approaches to border management coordination, automation, capacity building, administration and reform.

Research into these and other trade-related issues, such as supply chain security and the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) trade facilitation agenda, are clearly gaining momentum. However, the current immigration crisis in Europe, the Middle East and other regions of the world is rapidly raising the demand for research into associated areas of border management such as asylum seekers, refugees and people smuggling. As we enter the tenth year of publication of the World Customs Journal, the Editorial Board would welcome contributions to future editions that reflect this broadening focus of academic interest of the Journal’s readership.


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